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AEM (Activated Effective Microorganism) is a natural cleaning solution for home, kitchen and laundry. It is made of 3 natural organisms: lactobacilli (curd, cheese, and pickles), yeast (bread, idlis and beer) and photosynthetic microbes (cheese and pickles), which are uniquely effective in breaking down microscopic bio-waste, reducing harmful bacteria, and treatment of liquid and solid waste in households. It is safe, nontoxic and harmless for children, people, pets and environment. It is excellent in maintaining clean, odour-free and fungus-free refrigerators, for cleaning counters and cupboards, mopping and wiping floors, for clogged drains, and in repelling ants, flies and cockroaches. It helps in removing odours and dirt stains from heavily soiled clothing. It promotes healthy plant growth.

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