'Senteurs', in French signifies 'Fragrance'. This name was given by The Mother to the perfumery department of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, which started in 1958. Udar Pinto and Kusum worked for it. Kusum dedicated herself to this new venture, which demanded patience, hard work, knowledge and a nose to create. With Mother's grace and guidance the department grew in time and today it is one of the most visited and appreciated boutiques in Pondicherry. Apart from the various products manufactured at Senteurs : perfumes, eau de colognes, compounds, Aloevera products, pro health blends, rose water.. the boutique has a large section dedicated to essential oils for Aromatherapy.
Senteurs also offers a variety of other items such as embroidered and hand painted hankies, cards, sarees, dress material which are done by the staff of the department. Senteurs also promotes Ayurvedic products which are unique and made locally by small companies. It encourages handmade accessories, such as soaps, wooden objects, bags and so on .. The ideal of this boutique is to care and offer the best to all! Some come every day to pick up a laddu to munch or to buy an orchid; some visit whenever they come to Pondy to smell their favorite perfume and buy a stock for the year. Others opt to get a massage and some an aromatherapy solution to an ache .. it caters to all kinds of needs related to the well being of the body and heart. We hope you feel at home when you walk in ...

Compounds (Click on an Item for Fragrance)

Compounds are a mix of aromatic ingredients. Here lies the art of the perfumer the Nose to arrive at a particular note
NamaskarNew CreationProfound
ProgressPsychic PeacePurity
SunamTea RoseTransformation

Perfumes (Click on an Item for Fragrance)

Perfumes are compounds diluted with alcohol
MerePsychic PeaceRitam

Lotions (Click on an Item for Properties)


Eau de Cologne (Click on an Item for Fragrance)

Eau de Cologne is a body spray - Fragrances diluted with alcohol and water.
Fleur D'amourFrictionJungle After Shave
Musk For MenOcean SprayOffering
OmPsychic PeaceRose
SamataSanitiser RakshaTea Rose Spe.

Aloevera Products (Click on an Item for Properties)

Aloevera products : With high concentration of Aloevera.
After ShaveAloe Vera GelAloevera Gel Juice
Hand & Body CreamMermaid ShampooNourishing Cream
Rejuvenating Night Cream

Other Products (Click on an Item for Properties)

Bhringraj Hair OilBrahmi Amla Hair OilCamphor Oil
Coconut Oil Cold PressedFoot CreamGrape Fruit Seed Extract
Kokum ButterLemon-ginger SyrupLemongrass " S"
Lemongrass Distilled WaterLip BalmMango Butter
Massage OilNeem OilPower (hibiscus) Syrup
Rose WaterSandalwood Distilled WaterSheetal Hair Oil

Essential Oils (Click on an Item for Properties)

Ajowan Basil (tropical) OrganicBasil (tulsi) Organic
BergamotBois De RoseCajeput
Cardamom OrganicCedarwood Chamomile German
Chamomile RomanCinnamonCistus
CitronellaClarysageClove Organic
Eucalyptus Citriodora OrganicEucalyptus GlobulusEucalyptus Radiata
GeraniumGinger OrganicGrapefruit
HelichryseHyssopJasmin Absolute
Jasmin SambacJuniperKunzea
Laurus NobilisLavender AspicLavender Real
Lemon OrganicLemongrass OrganicMandarine
PatchouliPeppermintPetit Grain
RosemaryRosemary VerbenoneSambrani
SandalwoodSandalwood SpecialSpikenard
TagetesTarragonTea Tree
ThymeThyme ThujanolTurmeric Organic
Verveine OdoranteVetiver OrganicWintergreen

Attars (Click on an Item for Properties)

Attar is a Persian/Arabic word meaning 'Fragrance', 'scent' or 'essence'. These essential oils were used by royalties, kings and queens as perfumes and for healing purposes. Attars are traditionally manufactured by " deg and bhapka " system in a big vessel made of copper. It is an extraction by hydro-distillation.
AgarGulGulab Attar
Hina KadambKesar
KewraKhus Lotus
Tea Rose Spl

Base Oils (Click on an Item for Properties)

AlmondApricot Oil (10% Discount On Mrp)Argan
CalophyllumCamelineCarrot Seed
ChaulmograFenugreekGrape Seed
Jojoba KalounjiMoringa
Pomegranate SapoteWheatgerm

Pro-Health Blends (Click on an Item for Properties)

These contain carrier oils and essential oils which provide aromatherapy solutions to health issues.
Back PainCirculationCorn
DetoxDry SkinEasy Breathing
EczemaHaematomaInner Strength
InsomniaJunisowhLet Go
MemoryOily SkinScars
Stretch MarksVaricose Veins

The Mother in Tokyo
The Mother

Laboratoires Senteurs was started in a tiny room in 1958, with the sole objective of providing the Mother with 'Friction de Foucaud' - a lotion that she preferred using. Post- Independence, importing this perfume from France became highly impossible. The firm which manufactured the lotion suggested that the Ashram import the basic essence and prepare the lotion locally. Thus, the manufacturing of the lotion began in the laboratory and soon other perfumes and toilet products followed.

Today, Laboratories Senteurs continues to manufacture its own 'Friction' as a skin freshener; unsurprisingly, it is one of its most popular products. Under the Mother's personal guidance and the sadhaks' devotional urge, Laboratoires Senteurs went progressively on. Today, it manufactures a variety of colognes, perfumes, essential oils and skin care products made with same commitment to purity of ingredients and devotion to service.

Udar Pinto, Founder, Laboratoires Senteurs
Udar Pinto

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